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The Story of Upcycle4Better

Upcycle4Better is a transformative Community Movement that started back in 2021. We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact.

What started as a local project, quickly grew to encompass members throughout Malaysia. Together with our allies and partners, Upcycle4Better engages and mobilizes activists and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and join our cause today.

Denim Jeans

Why Are We Called Upcycle4Better

Recycling comprises three pathways to resource recovery and reuse: The pinnacle of recycling is upcycling.  


Upcycling - to better value 
Recycling -  to retain value
Down cycling - to lower value

All three pathways recycle materials to reuse resources, divert them from landfills and incineration, and have their part in resource recovery.

Upcycle4better advocates for best practices in the three pathways for recycling for real action that changes behaviours to impact climate change - To promote awareness, circular economy and implementation of United Nations SGD GOALS.

Upcycle4better is a supporter and partner organisation for recycling advocacy, collection, manufacturing, and sale of textiles.

Meet Our Team


Andrew Jackson

Head of Business Development and Marketing

With extensive marketing experience throughout South East Asia and the United Kingdom, Andrew Jackson immersed himself in Sustainable Fashion in 2020. His passion shined as his brand was awarded a UNESCO Sustainability in Fashion Award during Paris Fashion Week. He currently is the Head of Recruitment for Asia for Couture Fashion Week, New York.

Aisyah Image for Website.jpg

Aisyah Saironi

Sustainability Project Manager

With a five-year academic background in textile technology, Aisyah found a calling on the importance of minimizing her carbon footprint by keeping textiles out of landfills through one of her favourite subjects - Environmental Textile. Since then, she is aspiring to become part of the force in spreading such awareness by introducing many sustainable options for the renowned local fashion brand - dUCk.

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Nurul Hughes

Sustainability Project Manager

Nurul has broad experience handling collection drives all around Malaysia and Singapore to reduce textile waste. Nurul empowers women’s voices by acting as a bridge between a community of home sewers with U4B. She believes this action will help educate the masses and spread the word about sustainability.

Cameron Wilson.jpeg

Cameron Wilson

Project Sustainability Manager

With a long history working within the textile recycling industry, having successfully grown and expanded numerous resource recovery organisations both in Australia and SEA, Cameron understands the logistical issues that are unique to each business, location, and project. He brings a problem-solving mindset when challenges arise whilst tackling new and complex textile recovery programs.


Roxane Uzureau Zhu

Head of Textiles Recovery Partnerships and Developments

Roxane, or Roxy as known by the team, started as a high-end designer in Paris and has since gained experience across Europe, Asia, and Australia in product design, circularity, and consumer behaviour. Creative, a proven entrepreneur, and vision-driven, Roxy leads the strategy for the group in Australia and its partners abroad through realistic but ambitious goals for circular textiles.

Yuki Website Image.jpeg

Yuki Liew You Qi

Sustainability Project Manager

Yuki is knowledgeable and experienced in executing social media strategies across social media platforms to raise awareness about making a difference in Malaysia’s textile recycling industry, thereby contributing to a positive impact on climate change. She has good communication skills and aspires to be a leader in the climate change conversation with a team that shares the same goals in leading climate change advocacy.

Siti Lily.jpg

Siti Lily Baizura Binti Mohd Sahi

Fashion Designer

Siti is an original designer with 15 years of experience in fashion education design. She is involved in the footwear technology & accessories design industry. Siti dedicates her time to developing recycled & upcycled crafts for home sewers to generate income and enhance their skill in creating textile products.


Vikki Pascua

Media Developer

Vikki is a Social Media Marketing Assistant who is passionate about using digital media to connect people with products and services that can make a positive impact in the world. Recently, she became interested in the world of sustainable fashion after joining Upcycle4Better - a community organization that promotes the reuse and repurposing of clothing and accessories to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.

Laurence Picture.png

Laurence Daliva

Web Designer

Laurence strongly believes in the mission of U4B to prevent textile waste from ending in landfills but instead collect these items and upcycle them into more valuable and usable products. Laurence helps with the web design processes of the Upcycle4Better Team and developing media content to raise awareness about recycling and saving the planet in general.

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