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Recycled Shoe Program 

Step into the vanguard of sustainable innovation through Upcycle4better's "Recycled Shoe Crumb" initiative. Every year, an immense number of shoes end up in landfills, where their decomposition can stretch over decades, if not centuries. In direct response to this pressing environmental concern, our initiative takes a proactive approach, presenting a circular solution that turns discarded shoes into valuable resources.

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Our Recycled Shoe Crumb project introduces collection points on-site, whether thats at a shop, gym, playing field or running track. This initiative provides a seamless and convenient method to repurpose old shoes, showcasing your commitment to sustainability to your patrons.


These surfaces find applications in playgrounds, running tracks, shop fit-outs, and gyms, breathing new life into what was once considered waste, whilst re-enforcing your companies stance for sustainable practices. 


To ensure the quality and safety of these recycled surfaces, we rigerously tested our surfaces for Critical Fall Height with the largest company in the world dedicated to providing testing, certification, consultancy, and education services to the sport industry. Our continuous development and testing ensures that our recycled shoe crumb surfaces meet the highest standards for safety and performance. Additionally, our commitment to transparency is reflected in the provision of environmental impact certificates that quantify the positive results of this initiative.

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At Upcycle4better, accountability is paramount, and our reporting practices are designed to provide transparency and traceability throughout the entire textiles recovery process. Partnering with Malaysia's premier ISO accredited textiles recoverer, we guarantee the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.


Join us in creating a sustainable future, where corporate textiles recovery isn't just a choice

but a conscious commitment to a circular economy.


Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

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