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Pot Holder

U4B 8.png

Make Pockets
a) Fold each B piece in half, WST.
b) Press to crease the folded edge.
c) Topstitch folded edges at 1/4" & 1/8". Topstitching twice is optional, but firms up the pocket edges. Stitching the larger SA first makes it easier to sew the one closer to the edge.

Attach Pockets
a) Place cotton batting A on top of heat-resistant batting A.
b) Place the fabric A piece that will be on the inside of your potholder RS up on top of the batting pieces.
c) Place one pocket at each end of A.
d) Pin or clip pockets in place.
e) Baste pockets to A/batting at 1/8" - 1/4"

Hanging Loop
a) Press C into 4ths:
- Fold in half, WST, along the length.
- Press to crease center.
- Press one side to center crease.
- Press other side to center crease.
- Refold at center crease

b) Starting on open side, edge stitch sides of C at 1/8".

c) Mark the RS of the center of one end of remaining A fabric piece.

d) Bring ends of C together to form a loop, and with the ends next to each other and the loop facing toward center of A.

e) Baste C to the center of A at 1/8" - 1/4"

  1.  Attach Back
    a) Lay A/pockets RS up.
    b) Place A/C face down on top A/pockets. A pieces are now ST with the pockets sandwiched in the middle.
    c) Pin or clip pieces together

d) Beginning below one curve, and using a 3/8" SA, sew a few stitches and then back stitch.
e) Increase stitch length to a basting stitch, sew 3" (8cm) and back stitch a few stitches.
f) Return to a regular straight stitch length and finish sewing around the perimeter at 3/8".
g) Press seam open flat alongside with back/basting stitches.
h) Notch curves.
i) Remove basting stitches, turn RS out through opening, and press to neaten edges.

  1. Finishing
    a) Slip stitch the opening closed.
    b) Fold C to side with pockets and pin it down
    c) Topstitch around perimeter: back stitch over the pocket edges and stitch over C to hold it to the side with the pockets

      d) Clip any stray threads & you're done!

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