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What is Product Stewardship?

It is a step in the journey for real, practical, recycling options using existing available systems, technology and parties for the community, individuals, corporate entities and governments to measure their intent and commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s for the innovators who want to stand up and participate in making a change from within. This is a highly discussed subject within the sustainability boardrooms across the country and the consensus in the global business community is that environmental stewardship is extremely important to business; yet, only a small portion of companies on the global market have taken strides in the direction of true stewardship.

Whilst you are reading this, human activity is destroying the environment we live in, just to maintain our standard of living. We do not inherit this world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children and we owe it to the future generations to not consume and destroy our Worlds natural beauty, for our short term goals. 

Product stewardship is a product-centred approach to environmental protection. Also known as Extended Product Responsibility (EPR), product stewardship calls on those in the product life cycle—manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers—to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products. Governments are moving to apply responsibility to all of us for our impact on the environment. Product stewardship is a tool for this that enables our environment to be considered and protected, but this process will take some time to develop as the current linear method of the supply chain is not invested in the recycling of products, it is a make as cheap as I can and does not have responsibility for the waste at end of life. This responsibility is passed to governments and ultimately individuals, as a consequence we are running out of places to put our waste.


U4B Product Stewardship program gives the opportunity to register for putting your hand up for environmental sustainability in the supply chain and has a system for this to happen using existing technology, business collaborations and participation from NGO's and the Government sector. We need YOU to work with us to make this happen, to show there is an overwhelming desire by all walks of life to live sustainably. Each individual, agency and business that joins our product stewardship program helps to develop the conversation into actions.

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How does the U4B Product
Stewardship Program work?

U4B has arranged for corporations to sign up to its ‘Textile Product Stewardship’ programs by utilising Life Line Clothing Malaysia (LLCM) and Australian Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia’s (ATMM) existing textile collection points and Zero Waste textile processing facilities for the disposal of textiles. This system has already benefited corporations and Governments throughout Malaysia by actively supporting the supply chain recovery of textiles but is simply not enough. The current effort against textile waste is not being recognised as well as it should be.


As a consumer once the textiles reach their useful life as determined by you we need you to participate in the recycling, upcycling, processing of textiles by placing textiles into the collection points or collection drives, activities arranged by LLCM or ATMM. After receiving the items it will be determined what is the best way to put the textiles back into the full circle economy.

Closing the loop

There are participating collection points listed on our registration page for END USERS. For assistance on your nearest 'Textile Product Stewardship' collection point, kindly complete the form and we will notify you the nearest location for your end of life items.


Your consideration of the products that you purchase and its environmental implications throughout its supply chain, will help us protect our ECO System. You can be confident that the U4B stewardship program logo will signify that product stewardship can be done, providing we work together, to make the change. This action is a step in the right direction, it may not be perfect but it is a start and we can improve our day to day choices and actions which subsequently, will prolong and preserve our planet.


Product stewardship will help to change the thought processes of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers in the supply chain. We believe it will help to raise the consideration of the environment in many more of our decisions as humanity endeavours to move to a circular economy away from a linear economy

Our engine room


Leading Textile Collector in Malaysia

Life Line Clothing Malaysia is the only ISO certified textile collector in Malaysia. They work with over 100 corporations and councils and have hundreds of collection points across the country.


Largest Textile Processor in Malaysia

Australian Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia (ATMM) is the first and only ZERO Waste ISO certified textile processor in Malaysia. Their factory is based in Port Klang, Selangor


Helping the Community

Kloth Cares is the largest social enterprise that we work closely with. Additionally, we do work with a number of NGO's and charities in Malaysia.  

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