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Baju Bag Washing Care Instructions.

The main difference between polyester, silk and cotton is polyester is a man made synthetic material made from oil products and silk is obtained from silkworms whereas cotton is a natural and sustainable fibre harvested from cottonseeds. Polyester fabric are smooth to touch and lustrous to see and these fabrics do not get crushed easily. Silk is completely smooth to touch with a soft and almost waxy feeling and cotton feels smoother plus have more texture than polyester.

General Washing

  • Wash in low temperature 

  • Do not bleach

  • Iron low temperature

  • Do not tumble dry

wash in low temperature.png
iron low temperature.png
do not bleach.png


Wash at or below 40°C

Do not bleach

Iron low temperature

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry



Wash in low temperature

Do not machine dry

Iron low temperature

Hand wash

Do not wring



Wash at or below 30°C

Do not bleach

Iron low temperature

Tumble dry, low temperature

Dry clean, any solvent except trichloroethylene

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