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Welcome to Upcycle4Better, where fashion meets sustainability in a transformative blend of creativity and environmental responsibility. Our mission is to breathe new life into old clothes, turning them into stylish upcycled products that redefine sustainable style.

From upcycling workshops for businesses to collaborations with major University Fashion Design Departments, we are dedicated to shaping a greener future.

Recognized with the Positive Change Award at the KL Fashion Awards 2023, our commitment to reducing textile waste in landfills is at the core of our ethos.


Embrace the future of fashion with Upcycle4Better, where every stitch tells a story of positive change and a commitment to a cleaner, more fashionable planet. Join us on the journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow, one upcycled creation at a time.


Not based in Malaysia? Find us below :

Our Services

Textiles Drop Off Locations.png

Textiles Drop Off


Locate the closest drop-off points for textiles and identify the stores that actively endorse our circularity initiatives.

Take Back Programs.png

Retail Take Back


See how brands, retailers and charities can play their part in diverting textiles from landfill. 

Corporate Textiles Recovery.png

Corporate Textiles

Recovery (CTR)

Be the change you want to see in the world. Find out how your company can get involved in diverting textiles from landfill.

Shoe Program.png

Recycled Shoe


Look at how we can convert old shoes into new playgrounds, running tracks and gym mats. 

Education & Awareness.png

Community Awareness Programs

Learn more about our impact at grassroots level as we actively support communities and the schools embedded within them.

U4B Upcycled Bags & Accesories.png

Upcycled Fashion & Accessories

Shop our range of upcycled products, to support the community and the people that live in it. 

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