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Discarded 2 Delightful

The history of the Baju Kurung dates well over 600 years but do you know the Baju Kurung can be upcycled?


Here at U4B, we put the 'purpose' in rePURPOSEd. We breathe new life into Malaysia's rich heritage which results in a premium quality product that helps the environment and boosts the local economy by supporting the everyday people that we work with. 


A small change in how we do things has the possibility to make a big difference. So when you are next going to the groceries, packing your gym clothes, or even preparing a picnic.... Think Green. Think U4B.





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Lifeline Clothing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (LLCM) collect unwanted textiles in Malaysia. They do that through the many collection bins dotted around Malaysia but also by working closely with communities and holding events. 


The Baju kurung used for this upcycling initiative, collected by LLCM, are mostly made from polyester, therefore making it difficult to recycle, hence the birth of U4B upcycled baju bags.

Australia Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ATMM) sorts the used textiles into over 500 different categories in Port Klang, Malaysia.


Every week they receive tonnes of brightly coloured Baju Kurung. The Baju Kurung will either come as a pair or as a single item.

Due to the size of the fabric used in Baju Kurung, it makes it easier for our cutters and sewers to work with and helps us offer consistency.

Australian Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia is the only ISO-certified textile processing company in Malaysia that has a manufacturing license. 

They work with numerous talented designers in Malaysia who create the patterns and designs so that they can cut the baju kurungs in house, which not only helps in keeping the price competitive but also makes the end product more environmentally friendly 

We have agreements in place with academies, home sewers, sewing schools and members of the B40 class in Malaysia for them to stitch and make our baju kurung bags. 


This means that with your purchase, you are supporting an everyday person who can then in turn, support their family.

Our bags are by the people, for the people

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Textile Facts

"27% of Malaysians have thrown away clothing after wearing it just once"

"7/10 Malaysians confessed to throwing clothes away during in one year"

"In Malaysia, it is estimated 2 tons of textiles are thrown away every day"

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