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Hair Scrunchie

  1. Cut a piece of 4'x 18" piece of fabric. Cut a piece of ¼" piece of elastic to 9 inches.

  2. Fold your fabric in half making it 2" wide. Sew a straight line down the outer edges to make a tube.

  3. Stick your safety pin in the corner of one of the ends of your tube. Push the safety pin down into the tube.

  4. scrunch the fabric up over the safety pin and feed the safety pin to the other side of the tube. Pull and tug your fabric as needed to turn it inside out as you go.

  5. Get your 9" piece of elastic. Put a safety pin through one end of the elastic.

  6. Put the safety pin into the tube and weed the fabric to the other side. Scrunch your fabric as needed.

  7. Once your elastic is through to the other end of the tube, take off your safety pin. Press both ends of the elastic together as shown.

  8. Wrap the elastic around your fingers and tie it into a knot. Pull the knot tightly to make sure it is secure.

  9. Pull the elastic so that the elastic knot is hidden inside the tube.

  10. Fold one end of your tube inwards ½ an inch.

  11. Tuck the other side of the tube INTO the tube ends you just tucked under.

  12. Sew a straight line close to the connecting ends to close your scrunchie.

  13. Pull your seams at the sides and fluff your scrunchie

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