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Introducing our innovative 100% cotton rugs made from fiber-to-fiber mechanical separation!


These eco-friendly rugs are crafted from discarded textiles that have been broken down into their raw fiber components and spun into new yarns using mechanical means. Not only are these rugs a sustainable choice for your home decor, but they also offer a unique texture and design that sets them apart from traditional rugs. Each rug is a one-of-a-kind creation, showcasing a blend of colors and textures that add depth and character to any room.


Available in small, medium and large, our fiber-to-fiber mechanical separation rugs are perfect for adding a touch of natural charm to your living room, bedroom, bathroom or any space in need of a little extra warmth and personality.


So why settle for generic, mass-produced rugs when you can choose a sustainable, stylish option that's truly unique? Invest in a fiber-to-fiber mechanical separation rug today and enjoy the benefits of eco-conscious living without sacrificing style or quality.

#NoRugrets Volcano Sunrise

RM 39.90Harga
  • Please note that every rug is completele unique, as such, the colours will vary as the materials are sourced from recycled products. We do not accept returns based on these variations. 

    • Material : Rugs 100% Cotton
    • Colour : Grey, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue
    • Process : Handwoven
    • Weight : Small (1.11kg)- Medium (1.42kg)- Large (1.67kg)
    • Size cm (LxWxH) : Small 50 x 80 - Medium 60 x 90 - Large 69 x 115
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