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Shopping Bag

  1. Place the 2 pcs of front and back exterior.

  2. Stitch.

  3. Stitch baby seam the top corner.

  4. Stitch baby seam both sided of the handle.

  5. Fold the bottom parts of the fabric 4 inch width.

  6. Fold the top parts of the handle as well.

  7. Sew the top handle from inside.

  8. Fold and sew the top handle from inside.

  9. Pocket. Fold the top part ½ inch. Stitch together with the label.

  10. Baby seam the bottom part of the pocket.

  11. Fold the pocket and stitch the both sided.

  12. Attached the pocket to the back panel of the exterior.

  13. The folding.

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