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Dibuang 2 Menyenangkan

IKANO teamed up with Life Line Clothing Malaysia, Upcycle4Better and Kloth Cares to upcycle and breathe life into their old uniforms.





Lifeline Clothing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (LLCM) mengumpul tekstil yang tidak diingini di Malaysia.  Mereka melakukannya melalui banyak tong pengumpulan yang tersebar di seluruh Malaysia tetapi juga dengan bekerjasama rapat dengan komuniti dan mengadakan acara.  


Baju kurung yang digunakan untuk inisiatif kitar semula ini, yang dikumpul oleh LLCM, kebanyakannya diperbuat daripada poliester, justeru menyukarkan untuk dikitar semula, maka lahirlah beg baju kitar semula U4B.



Once the items have arrived at the Australia Textiles Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ATMM) factory,

the uniforms are then sorted by design and size. 

ATMM then cuts the sorted uniforms based on the designs provided by the U4B designers and they are packaged in a way that eliminates textiles waste and ensures maximum efficiency, by reducing the time spent per item for the home sewers.



After the uniforms have been cut, they are the dispersed to the various U4B and Kloths Cares Women Up Home Sewers across Malaysia. 

Upon completion of the product, each item is then washed with ZERO WASTE EARTH STORE's eco-friendly natural Lavender laundry detergent that has no carcinogenic chemicals and is fully biodegradable.

This detergent also helps prevent micro-plastics from entering the sea.



After washing, the items are individually packed to keep them clean and dust free. They are then delivered to the 5 different locations across Malaysia and Singapore to be distributed internally amongst IKEA staff.

Along with each item is an informative insert, complete with QR code, describing the environmental benefits and the purpose behind the upcycled items. 



To continue IKEA's commitment to their waste management and circular economy, the workers are then informed that they can then recycle their newly made items, once they have reached their end of life status by depositing the upcycled items back into the LLCM collection bins at their locations.

This will then ensure that the item is correctly recycled as it will end up at the ATMM ZERO WASTE textiles recycling factory.  


Fakta Tekstil

"27% rakyat Malaysia telah membuang pakaian selepas memakainya sekali sahaja"

"7/10 rakyat Malaysia mengaku membuang pakaian dalam tempoh setahun"

"Di Malaysia, dianggarkan 2 tan tekstil dibuang setiap hari"


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